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    Сondition analysis of stone fruit crops during their processing on perforated surface under centrifugal forces
    (2016) М. I. Kepin
    In this article there is analysis of condition of stone fruit crops in fresh during their rotative movement on immobile perforated surface of cylindrical coating under field of centrifugal forces aimed at division onto semi-product (flesh) and waste (stones). Division is being performed via separation of flesh fragments from stones by hole edges. Separation intensiveness (productivity of the process) depends on structural-mechanical properties of fruit fleshes and their rotative speed.On the example of separate fruit it has been experimentally proved that besides rotative movement on inner surface of the coating there is rotative movement of a fruit around its own axle what promotes even separation of flesh. Such a rotation is typical for fruits with maturity stage even throughout the volume, otherwise breach of skin with following flesh separation occurs locally.Experimental researches carried out with apricot fruits and cornel have shown that productivity of the process of fruit separation depends of strength features of tissues and rotative speed of blades. Offered way of processing is carried out in non-stop mode and may be realized for all types of stone fruit crops independently on association between flesh and stone.
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    Моніторинг безпечності та якості природної мінеральної води свердловини № 14/7832 м. Одеса
    (2016) О.М. Нікіпелова
    Проблема формування хімічного складу та біоценозів підземних вод досі є однією з найбільш складних проблем теоретичної гідрогеології. Найбільший інтерес представляють такі процеси, як зміни фізико-хімічного складу та мікробіологічного стану підземних вод. Моніторинг підземних вод та санітарно-мікробіологічні дослідження розглянуто на прикладі природної мінеральної води свердловини № 14/7832 м. Одеса з часом. Дослідження проводилися ДУ «УкрНДІ МРтаК МОЗ України» з 1999 по 2010 рр. На основі отриманих даних побудовано графіки, на які накладено апроксимаційні лінії. Їх використано для визначення можливої зміни макрокомпонентів та мінералізації. Взагалі, загальна тенденція залишається незмінною. Санітарно-мікробіологічний стан мінеральної води свердловини був задовільним.
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    The substantiation of development of mousses technology using wheat starch
    (2016) N.V. Мriachenko, S.L. Iurchenko, T.V. Cheremska
    This work is dedicated to the substantiation of development of technology of fruit and vegetable mousses using wheat starch and surfactant – Tween 20. The innovative idea of product with foamy structure was expounded, the implementation of which will allow to provide obtaining of the final product with stable quality indicators, new consumer characteristics and will give an opportunity to carry out the production technological process with distinct industrial signs.The foaming capacity and foam stability of “wheat starch-Tween 20” model systems depending on the heat treatment temperature and starch concentration were investigated. The rational foaming zone was determined that will allow to obtain foamy structure of mousses. The model systems behavior was studied by the determining of their viscosity. It was confirmed that the controlled regulation of dynamic phase transitions of starch with surfactant provides food systems’ colloidal stability.
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    Quality of the water received from air by means of conditioners
    (2016) O. Kovalenko, K. Kormosh
    For the recreational zone located in the Odessa region along the coast of the Black Sea it is expedient to use (as an additional source of water supply) the water received from air. It is shown that it is possible to receive water from air by means of conditioners which it is much placed on recreation facilities and sanatoria. As water from air may contain various dissolved substances, it is necessary to investigate its quality. It is important to know it for development of technology of water treatment. Results of research of quality of water of two types are presented. Samples are received under different service conditions of conditioners. In samples indicators of epidemic safety, and also sanitary and chemical indicators of safety and quality of the water received from air are defined.
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    Study of functional and technological properties of plant powders for use in confectionery industry
    (2016) M. Ianchyk, O. Niemirich, A. Gavrysh
    The article is devoted to research of functional and technological properties of powders from banana, carrots, strawberry, apple, spinach and orange received by cold spray drying. Expediency of vegetable and fruit powders use in the confectionery industry, including their addition during production of confectionery semi-finished products has been proved. Organoleptic properties of powders have been defined, namely: appearance and consistence, taste, smell and color, results are presented in the table. By the microscopic method dispersion of powders from banana, carrots, strawberry, apple, spinach, orange has been studied, results of researches are presented by charts. Also technological indicators of plant powders have been investigated, namely: the ability to bind moisture, water absorption coefficient, the emulsifying ability and ability to hold fat.